RB 300 VTA Tracking

How do you adjust the VTA on this arm, I am getting one shipped soon and I read in S'phile it has no adjustment on it? Thanks, I'm new to vinyl so I'm a rookie.
I am also buying a Rega RB1000 in about a week or so,does that aftermarket VTA adjuster work on all Rega models?
There is no VTA adjustment of the Rega so you need either to buy one from a couple of companies who make them or put spacers under the armboard (depending on the armboard used) or under the arm itself. This is one real complaint I had about their arm.
Thanks Mre 2007! Do you have to take the tonearm off every time you want to adjust VTA? Is it necessary to adjust it that often or at all. I would guess that depends on the cartridge and tonearm. I thinking for heavy albums you might or am I thinking too much? Thanks, back in the day I just disc washed the album and popped it on!!!!