RBH Speakers ???

Why no love for RBH speakers here? Some say they are some of the best.. money can buy!
Thanks Shakey. As soon as I read what Hifisoundguy had written, I did a double-take, and thought "Isn't that the guy who praised the 901's for so long?"
Maybe he will explain his change of heart for us.
I've heard 901 systems that sounded pretty good, one with front side facing wall in particular .
My Nissan Maxima with a lot of 901 drivers in the Bose System sounded better than good.
Well the Bose system in my CTS Coupe sounds pretty good. But 901s? Not so much.....

RBH is a major supplier of components in the home theatre world.  I think they are only now giving any effort to direct sell or use Amazon and some others to sell some of their products.  My builder friend in Atlanta has used the RBH line for some very expensive home theatres.  He says they are one of the best for providing accurate and loud sound.  I've spent some amount of time in his own home theatre and I must agree they are quite amazing.  I was gobsmacked when he turned up the volume.
I own a pair of 1266-SE floorstanders and absolutely love them. I did upgrade my drivers so that I have a pair of 1266-SE/R. The scanspeak tweeters are amazing. Very detailed and smooth and able to get loud! The drivers are burly and can take a beating while still sounding clean and accurate. The cabinet work is impeccable. Well worth the money for me.