RCA cables to a subwoofer- how much does it matter?

I’m using nice OCC interconnects, balanced and unbalanced, in my system at all points except between my preamp and subwoofer, where I’m using a 12 foot pair of Blue Jeans unbalanced interconnect. My sub sounds great and with the crossover set to about 45hz, my sub’s main focus is really no more than an octave. 

I am using a single sub- a McIntosh PS112. The cable I’m using, if I’m not mistaken, is sourced from Canare and is shielded. For use with my subwoofer is there any point in using a different “higher spec’d” subwoofer cable? 


It can all boil down to which kind of music you like. In a classical Orchestra there are a few sources of bass notes wind  percussion and string and each has a distinctly different type and timbre of sound. You also have low bass in hall effects so I would say in that type of music you are certainly going to hear a benefit from better cables. It also depends on how much of the bass spectrum you are using.

No, not in my experience. But if you use Fideliums as above on the mains you might desire to forgo the subs altogether.

I use three subwoofers featuring Blue Jeans RCA Subwoofer cables.

Beautiful, powerful, tight bass.....

Darned if I know, I'm also hesitant to spend a lot for just the deep bass.I just have some cheap Monoprice cables.I suspect an upgraded power cable would make a positive difference, it certainly has on my amps.I've been considering that, but have yet to try.