RCA interconnect recommendation

Would like recommendations for interconnects for both analog and digital side to an integrated Rogue Cronus amp from a Nottingham/EAR 834P on one side and an Antelope Zodiac DAC on the other side. What should I be looking at and what kind of budget should I set. I'm thinking up to $500  for a pair but have no idea. Thanks for all advice.


@gary_c good to know, would be fun to try the az refs too. I truly enjoyed the GCs on my former two SS amps.  

If you can stretch your budget, my recommendation is, unquestionably, High Fidelity Cables. Their ‘Reveal’ line is their entry point, but they are killer.

@louis - Yes High Fidelity cables are a "killer" of sound. The worst sounding cables I’ve ever heard including a $750,000 system whose owner immediately upon hearing GroverHuffman.com cables, purchased them at 5% of the high end High Fidelity cables. I’ve heard them at multiple shows and walked out of those exhibits-just bad sound. No one should put giant magnets around their cable. It’s bad technology. I’m a beta tester for cables for 20 years. I have heard everything from Monster Cable 300s to Transparent/Nordost/Cardas/Kubala Sosna, etc. high end cables. I also don’t like Transparent high end cables in systems I’ve heard. Kubala Sosna are very warm sounding, inoffensive cables, especially suitable to solid state gear. Matching cables to gear and one’s sound preference is the only way to determine a proper fit.

I’ve heard Silversmith Audio Filedum speaker cable in two systems and it has received rave reviews (compared to $18K cables). I have not heard them in my system where I use GroverHuffman Pharoahs. About the same price, moderate price relative to the high quality of sound and construction/design. Do not buy High Fidelity cable-it’s nothing personal, just horrible sound in about a dozen systems I’ve heard/left.

Something of an update. The Acoustic Zen Matriz II arrived just before Thanksgiving and I managed to get them installed although it didn't exactly go as planned. I had initially intended to install them an the Antelope DAC - the connectors I think are too big and touching. I'll try once gain. They are installed from the phono stag to amp and because of their heft have created a fair amount of havoc with gear placement...but there they are.
My very first impression upon hearing them was an oh crap moment and out loud I stated something to the effect of: Great, now I need new speakers (Totem Hawks). What I initially heard reminded me of the B&W 305's the Totem's replaced - Bright, too bright. But this isn't true. Arriving back from the holiday, I've spent some more time listening and there is jut more of everything. More and more accurate lower register especially.
I actually didn't realize how much of a difference they have made until I switched back listening to the DAC. The gap between the antelope zodiac and the analog side is now wider -  the exact opposite of what I was hoping to accomplish. That I can eek more out of my analog side -  that is just awesome.
Finally: I don't know if this is a thing but  I keep thinking the music just sounds more at ease....not even sure I can explain it.
I'll listen some more, have another go at trying to use them on the Antelope...and see. Not at all disappointing - very surprised actually by it all.
Thanks everyone