RCA Interconnect suggestions RCA

New here. I've got a modest desktop system, currently Audioengine DAC D1 to PSB PS1 Alpha powered speakers, cabled with a Pangea USB and Wireworld Oasis 6 RCAs. I'll be auditioning some Emotiva airmotiv 4 speakers soon (also have Audioengine A5+). While I'll work on the USB cable eventually, right now I'm wondering what analog interconnects might be worth looking at in the <$150 range (new or used). The reason for asking is that for all the Wireworld's wonderful qualities - plus I got them at big discount - I don't find myself engaged by them. No singing along, snapping my fingers, wanting to get up and dance, etc. Call it overly mellow. Any suggestions? Thanks,
I've tried the stock cables that came with Audioengine and PS speakers, some old XLO ER-5s, and Chord Crimson VEE 3. A pair of Morrow 2s on the way. With more breakin the Wireworlds cables have been coming alive, but I'm open to new ideas.
Blue Jeans Cable, Signal Cable, Audio Art Cable. I have all of them. They are relatively inexpensive, well made, made in the USA, backed by their owners, and all sound clean without accentuating any one frequency.
I just said this in a different post, but its worth repeating here. You're asking too much of your cables. Looking at the qualities you lay out in your original post, it would probably be best to upgrade one of your other components. You have a much better chance of fixing your problem going that route.

Personally, I believe its best to just use cables for signal transfer. Really, if you do a good job matching your components, cable choice becomes very easy. At that point, just pick neutral sounding cable and you should get great results. But if you expect them to do too much, you will most likely be disappointed.