RCA to XLR (Anthem MRX to dan d'agostino progression)


Need an advice:

I have av receiver anthem mrx 740, which has only RCA connectors. I know what upgrade to AVM 70 8K will be good for my sustem,but i dont have enouth space for extra amplifiers.dan d'agostino progression integrated  theater mode, only xlr connectors

So,i connect via HiDiamond Diamond9 Signal RCA , but I cant decide which connection will be better?

1. Handmade: audioquest rca xlr adapter + Oyaide Twinax Interconnect cable (Virgin Copper 102SSC, made of virgin, non recycled copper, inner conductor: 2 x 1.25 mm² (37 strands each in 3E conductor structure, 102 SSC)+ Oyaide Focus 1 xlr (One-touch push-pull function is the entirely-new locking system. You can lock Just by inserting FOCUS 1 into the inlet and unlock by pulling the tip ring. Ball bearing system, manufactured by ultraprecision machining, is employed for its locking mechanism. These functions deliver smooth and absolute plug connection.In addition, an innovative idea is utilized for the contact of FOCUS1. The No.1 contact pin (earth) is 3mm longer than other pins, so that it contacts fast for the purpose of protection from POP noise at the moment of connection.Furthermore, bladed cable clump is employed for cable fixture. By applying this clumping system, it is possible to connect chassis ground and stabilize cable simultaneously.MATERIAL the contact pins of FOCUS 1 are made from phosphor bronze bar which is precisely shaped by CNC machining. After careful machine barreling, silver (inner) and rhodium (outer) are directly plated on them. Then, these pins are molded into highly rigid 30% glass filled PBT which insures high-speed vibration attenuation.
The body and housing, processed by CNC machining, are high-density and have high shielding performance compared to an existing lost-wax processed body. For its surface treatment, hard chrome plating is coated like a body of camera. )




2. Cardas CGA RCA/XLR Adapters. (Made from pure non-magnetic eutectic billet brass, Contact surfaces are plated with Rhodium over Silver for maximum signal connectivity and halting oxidation. Continuous signal path from XLR to RCA Pins, with No soldering joints distorting the signal. (Pin 2 is connected to center RCA pin and Pins 1-3 grounded to RCA body)


I understand what i need to listen, but I would like to know,-from the point of view of radio technology and professionals opinon , which solution would be more correct? 1 or 2?

I’ve bought both and need to return one :)

I spoke with the guy at Holo Audio USA and he said using such adapters on their Serene preamp would damage it. 

MSB makes a characteristically fantastic RCA to XLR Converter.  Each one weighs 1.8 lbs. and they are rock solid!  Look them up.

(Disclaimer:  I have my pair for sale at US Audiomart)