RE: the question: ":Why do forum interactions become contentious". . .

I've just had a very unexpected and very unpleasant PM from a forum participant. 

He'd been suggesting I buy a certain component  and I told him politely that I didn't visualize that particular purchase fitting in with my long-range plans.  

His response was to accuse me of wasting everyone's time and to call me an "effing idiot" (except he spelled "effing" correctly). 

The great majority of interactions I've had here have been very enjoyable and recent input from
more experienced forum members has helped greatly in clarifying my plan for the next upgrade cycle. 

The thread on lesser-know Jazz has been great-- lots of participation and lots of terrific suggestions. 

Nevertheless, I've decided to take a break. 

Best regards,


It's always nice to be nice....even if we don't agree.  One of the issues with any hobby is the passion people have for it....tends to lead to strong emotions.   

In this case, it sounds like the offender was just outta line.  It happens, its unfortunate, it'll pass.   
Unfortunately a--holes are everywhere! My prayers for your health and enjoy your listening endeavors my friend!
Don’t take the view point of one Effin idiot discourage you from 
the many positive view points , nothing is perfect on earth and never will be ,just sit back and enjoy your 🎶 music !!