Re Tubing Audio Research VT200

Does anyone have details about (or experiences) retubing a VT200. ARC tubes vs. any other sources. Any info is welcome, good or bad experiences. Thanks for your input.
Hi...your better off with the new old stock tubes - at least for your drivers - 6922 tubes.

I had a 200 and I liked the 6550 arc stuff - given the prices of the vintage stuff - but the 6922 tubes really made the amp sing! Changed its character a bit - which is what a good set (or sets) of tubes should do.

Discliamer - I am a dealer of New/Old tubes.
Hi Paul,
I see your disclaimer- what NOS 6922's do you have? I put Amperex Large Logo Bugle Boy's in my PH3SE and they just blew away the stock Sovtek. I was not real excited about it until I made that change. Of course ARC has to deal with what is available on the market, and they charge an increadable amount for them. Did you deal with ARC and the 6550's? Thanks
If you will be retubing power tubes try TungSols 6550 from current production instead of stock Svetlanas. Those tubes take your VT200 to a whole new level. I had them in my ARC VT100MKII and I regret that I changed the tubes so late.