re tubing C2300 and MC2102

My system; C2300 and soon MC2102
Modwright Transporter with Black Treasures and Emission labs
Nottingham Spacedeck with Ortofon Rhondo blue low MC
soon a totally reworked NOS Technics RS1700
I have had my C2300 for almost 8 months now running stock MCtubes. I have been running this with MC252. I have just acquired a MC2102 (in transit). It is coming with Gold Lion KT88 which I love. I am looking to re tube the pre line and phono and 12at7 and 12ax7 on the 2102. Now I know everyone swears by Telefunken. I have tried the 6922 in a previous pre and wound up enjoying the Amperex bugle boys more. I like clarity and the MaC sound. I would like to warm things a bit without getting mushy.
For 12AX7's, the Mullard CV4004 platinums are nice balanced tubes and won't break the bank. Amperex Bugle Boys are nice as well, but I've found them to be noisy... but I may have just acquired a noisy pair. Telefunken smooth plates are nice as well, with heavy emphasis on mids but slightly rolled off at the extremes.

For 12AT7's, consider Mullard CV4024's, Amperex or Phillips white labels, Telefunkens, Siemens and Sylvania tubes from the 1950's / 1960's.

Buying from a reputable supplier is critical:
- Vintage Tube Services (reasonable prices & very high quality, but plan on it taking several weeks to get your tubes)
- Brent Jessee Recording & Supply (reasonable & good quality)
- Tubeworld (expensive but good quality)
- Upscale Audio (decent selection & pricing)
C2300 needs more warmth imo and the NOS Teles deliver that---i used ribbed plates
I agree wholeheartedly with Pdreher. Unless you have a tube tester, you should understand that there are a lot of individuals willing to sell you worn out, shorted, or otherwise defective tubes (that may have even tested NOS at some time in the past). Telefunken had 2 plants in Germany. One in West Germany, which is where the high quality tubes come from, and the other in East Germany which did not get the same materials for production as their West German counterparts. These tubes look similar, but are junk. It is well worthwhile to use a reputeable supplier. They can even help you fine tune the sound that you want. Happy Listening