Ready, set, comment! Speaker cables don’t make a difference?

Audioholics will be doing another video on this at 4pm (I assume Eastern), today. Rather than comment on it after the fact, some here might want to jump into the live comments thread? Anyway, in case that’s you, here’s the link:

Old chestnuts never die, they just return in the Eternal Cycle of Re-roasting....
That was 15 mins of my life that I won't get back

Here's my .02 cents

In this case Gene is actually, and to use his term, the snake oil salesman

And all his happy responders are the sheep he's leading right off the cliff

But he has one feeble arguement in this video that is actually right so we can't technically call BS here

Hear me out before ripping me a new one....

He measures the 3 cables and says the output in DB between them is so minute we can't possibly hear an audible difference

Which is true......but

What he's measuring, output DB, is a capability of the electronics not the cables and this is where we get to call BS on Gene and his sheep

So of course most any coat hanger can deliver the capabilities the electronics are designed to

In essence he's telling us spending money on cables will not playback any louder, no arguement

Again a design limitation of the electronics, not the cable

What he fails to compare, this is where his snake oil salesman shines

We don't invest in the cables with ANY expectation that our systems will play louder

What we get and expect is a broader dynamic range of the same material we've been playing for years, a more natural sound, vocals sound closer to the microphone, all of a sudden there's a casenet percussion that you've never heard, you can hear Jimmy Page drop the pick in The Rain Song on his Martin acoustic and finish the song finger picking, in a a capella you can now hear the vocalist inhale and take a breath etc etc

Adding a new cable weather it be speaker, IC or power doesn't play louder but it provides us much more musical information than we'll get using spooled cable or even Monster

One of the great pleasure for me when making a cable enhancement, vibration improvement, power improvement, it's allows me to hear the same tried and true music better and more complete to what the artist intended and was feeling.  It expands enjoyment past the music and rings me closer to the art

It's not the first time a heard the song but it's damn sure the first time I've heard it delivered with the additional enhancements and extensions

So each little tweak is almost an opportunity to enjoy the same material for the first time

Again guys just my .02 cents and that's another 20 mins of my life that I won't get back

Happy listening and as always enjoy the journey
Can’t see the point in resurrecting something that’s been rehashed to death 1001 times, unless it’s clickbaii.
I think you forgot a zero.
I'm still waiting for the piece of test equipment to be invented that can measure the way our ears hear sound and how our brain interprets it.

Until then, Audioholics and Amir can keep making videos without that piece of measuring equipment while insulting many people in the process.

Especially Amir the way he is so pompous and arrogant in the way that he insults guys like Danny Richie from GR Research. Sort of a I'm right, you're wrong, you're a charlatan.

As Hall and Oats put it:

I can't go for that