Ready, set, comment! Speaker cables don’t make a difference?

Audioholics will be doing another video on this at 4pm (I assume Eastern), today. Rather than comment on it after the fact, some here might want to jump into the live comments thread? Anyway, in case that’s you, here’s the link:

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They don’t make as much of a difference if there are good interconnects further up the chain. Just my experience with a few different separate vs all in one component setups.
How do interconnects affect speaker cables? Does it go the other way? Is it only interconnects that do this? What if there is a power cord further up the chain? What about further down the chain? Does the speaker cable make as much difference if the speaker is on cones or springs or the floor? What about the room? 
If you think very expensive esoteric cables with all kinds of filters is better than pure copper 10-14 gauge wire, you need better software to listen to. The most "transparent" line level interconnect wire/cable is RG-6 coax for RCA can even get compression fit RCA connectors for coax cable. For balance cable, good quality Canare Star Quad GS-4 or an equivalent Mogami or Belden is just fine, 21-22 gauge wires. 

RG-6 is about 10-15 cents a foot. The balanced professional grade stuff is $1-$2 foot preterminated with XLRs

Cables are not and should not be tone controls. That's what tone controls are for. 
I worked as an art director / creative director in pharmaceutical advertising for 25 years. I learned how to read the clinical trials, efficacy and safety data, about the strength of placebo effects, etc.

Until I see randomized blind studies involving a cohort of at least 1,000 participants with results that show a consistent selection bias towards expensive cable interconnects that exceeds chance, I’m not going to waste my time or money on pricey brand name cable interconnects. 

The guy in the video that’s posted for discussion makes clearly reasoned sense to me. I don’t see a single person here refuting him on his own terms. The “I hear it so it must be true and if you don’t, you are an inferior listener” thing is condescending and doesn’t cut it.