One of the things that I have noticed is the kind of music being played to show system performance.  Full disclosure I’m with Infigo Audio. But as an audiophile I think it is important to hear your music in these systems.  Which means non hi rez stuff.  Stuff you would listen to in your system at home. I try to play everything at shows to show our performance.  Some systems to me are all presentation not as much performance. I play funk rock pop classical jazz folk R&B as well as test track to show what a system can do across a genres.  I think it is important to show that a system can perform on all materials. Some systems look good in presentation and sound great on hi rez and test tracks but are not musical involving and may not actually perform well across genres. Thoughts ?


Haven’t been to an audio show in YEARS. My choice of music covers multiple genres across various quality of source material.

All I know is that the “heart” of the performance should be there. I did get a major smile when after a Gregory Porter concert, I played my system and was surprised to find how amazingly close the music was to the live concert!

When I was auditioning equipment long ago, I performed what I call the “crap” test… great performance but BAD quality. The music should still be able to move me despite recording problems. If it does so, then I’m good!

Of course, YMMV.

Happy listening!


Silent Pound speakers  seem  interesting.

But the choice of music in this audio show ......?????

I used to have people over to listen to the system when I was more active socially. Many times a person would come along with a single CD and ask to play a specific track. You could see they were making a judgement of the whole system based on one piece of music that presumably sounded good on their own system at home. Crazy. It’s the same at shows, which is why some vendors are reluctant to let people play their own stuff.

I don’t have the problem these days as I’m deep under cover.