Real world Loudspeakers what does very good cost ?

Having had many great speakers in the past ,but now semi retired what is the average price to get a quality speaker it seems around $15- $20k+. Is getting to be the norm , Wilson Sabrina x $20 k , Magic A3-$15 k , Marten Oscar trio $13 k

b&w 804 $15 k .I was maybe thinking , availability is now a very real problem also.I am a big MBL fan their entry level stand mount 126 ,is a true Best Buy ,it has the sameOmni directional Tweeter and Midrange , that are out of the reflections of a box , and dual apposing bass drivers ,that being said a pair ofsubs like theSVS 4000 SB brings this price to around $20 k . It’s becoming very expensive to have real refinedLoudspeakers , having had  to rebuild Xovers in most Loudspeakers for their lack of parts quality ,it seems integrity is no longer the norm it’s more on profit .  Please do offer your Loudspeaker options and how much more is truly needed to get a truly resolving speaker without taking out a mortgage.


$400 for Elac 6.2

$1100 Human Speakers DK 1

$1700 Wharfedale Lintons

$2000 Polk r700

$3000 Q Acoustics Concept 50

$5000 Klipsch Forte IV 


@soix  if I lived in the USA I would buy those speakers as they look like a great buy.

I've found audio expos to be a good place to hear many speakers and speaker types at once.  No matter the upstream components, or the room setup, you should be able to get a feel for types -- e.g., box speakers, open baffles, panels, horns etc. and then brands, to further explore.  Also, because of the number of speakers at a show, the dollar question can be more easily explored. 

I agree with @arcticdeth. You should buy used and don't need to spend anywhere near that price to get great sound, unless you're insecure and it makes you feel better.