Real world Loudspeakers what does very good cost ?

Having had many great speakers in the past ,but now semi retired what is the average price to get a quality speaker it seems around $15- $20k+. Is getting to be the norm , Wilson Sabrina x $20 k , Magic A3-$15 k , Marten Oscar trio $13 k

b&w 804 $15 k .I was maybe thinking , availability is now a very real problem also.I am a big MBL fan their entry level stand mount 126 ,is a true Best Buy ,it has the sameOmni directional Tweeter and Midrange , that are out of the reflections of a box , and dual apposing bass drivers ,that being said a pair ofsubs like theSVS 4000 SB brings this price to around $20 k . It’s becoming very expensive to have real refinedLoudspeakers , having had  to rebuild Xovers in most Loudspeakers for their lack of parts quality ,it seems integrity is no longer the norm it’s more on profit .  Please do offer your Loudspeaker options and how much more is truly needed to get a truly resolving speaker without taking out a mortgage.


@soix @musicaddict The idea that you have to spend $15k to possibly get good sound is the kind of thing I expect people to say who buy their audio the same way they buy their luxury cars.  They have a great deal of disposable income and can't possibly think they can get value at a price the rest of us mere mortals work at.


Your endorsement of the Joseph Audio Perspective2 is interesting.  Perhaps you should look at this SEAS kit system, which uses the same tweeter and similar SEAS mid-bass drivers in a transmission line cabinet and crossover designed by Joe D'Appolito.   The guy is unloading them for $750.  The kit is $2200 and in the end, is comparable to your Joseph Audio Perspective2.



@russbutton I was recommending a used pair of Perpective 2s at a bit over half MSRP so nowhere near $15k.  Also I’m not into building my own speakers, and as a lot of the magic in JA speakers is the Infinite Slope crossover that is patented, I’m not sure how much of the JA “magic” would be lost there but pretty sure there would be at least some.  Also JA doesn’t build transmission line speakers, so that’s another major difference.  With all that not sure how you can confidently say they’d sound comparable.  Some things are just worth paying for IME. 

I have Focal Kanta 3s in the $15,000 price range now. They are excellent.  Everything has gone up. I bought them on sale for $9500.


You are 100% correct. The speakers that @russbutton  a link for may be good, but they are in no way comparable to the Perspectives in design approach. 

The idea that you have to spend $15k to possibly get good sound

exactly. Good sound starts around 60K