Really expensive systems that sounded great?

I often laugh at megabucks systems ($100K and above) I hear because so often they are just OK, or the presentation is so off in one dimension or another I can barely listen to them for long.

What I’d like to ask now is what megabucks systems have you heard which you felt actually were worth the asking price? I don’t mean incrementally better than your $20k system. I mean leaps and bounds. Anyone?

The best system close to that I ever heard was the top of the line Vandersteen speakers and Vandersteen monoblock amps driven by VTL preamp (I believe) at a show in Oakland. Nothing else I heard in that price range or above sounded worth it to my poor ears.

Lets try to stay wealth-positive here and stick to things we actually LIKED. 😁


I get the idea of a 100% single brand solution that goes from HDMI to screen and speakers.

I do feel a little humbled and out of place with Meridian gear though.  Like, their customers are the McMansion buyers, not a mere audio enthusiast. 

You are correct, Meridian is a luxury brand, that’s why I listed it in this thread, the gear is among the best I heard, at any price. 

The top system in YG Acoustics old listening room was mental...spent a few hours there listening to Radiohead, Raconteurs, etc. and the speakers just disappeared and the sound was coming from all around me like I was sitting on stage. I've never heard anything close to that.

Well I guess I am disappointed that as an audiophile of world renowned taste (good or bad!) I still feel like there's a whole spectrum of audio gear that is deliberately marketed around enthusiasts and through separate installer channels.

We should be fortuante that MBL for instance still does demonstrations on a regular basis.

By "marketed around" I meant that the enthusiast is avoided or worked around instead of deliberately catered to.