Really...My favorite power tube is reissue that's not widely popular

If you run 6l6/EL34 variants, I HIGHLY recommend trying this tube out.  The Tung Sol 7581A reissue.  I've had these for a good bit of time and compared them against KT150s, EL34s (several brands), KT88s, and maybe another that I'm forgetting.  They are a mere $30 a pop and they are the best tube I have heard. I know that's a brave bold statement to make as there is so much competition out there and the tube is very much under the radar from what I can tell.  

After having these around for a long time (and in and out of the amp), I had them in and was nearly spellbound one night by how great they sounded upon reentry into my amp.  I did a search and could only find one review, which I agree wholeheartedly with.  You can find it here:

I am nearly incredulous there isn't hype out there about this tube.  Simply my favorite tube.  I thought I'd pass this along as it may be much cheaper to give them a whirl then fuss with a much more expensive power cord, cable, or other tweak.  
Also discussed earlier in this post is the GL KT77. Well worth a try as well, an excellent alternative to the 34. Great mids like the 34, but with extended top end and bass and very refined. I never have been able to decide between the 77 and the 7581a since JB brought them to my attention...I finally solved it by switching back and forth every few months. Both are excellent, you can’t go wrong with either. 

Your setup looks good.What PL integrated is tube integrated? I thought the preamp was the only model tube rectified.
"PL HP Integrated
Vintage JVC VL8 with AT ART9 cart
Manley Chinook
Revel F228Be
Pair REL T9/i subs
EL34b power tubes
Cifte Input tubes
PL rectifier tubes."

I use the old RCA 6L6G lower power, big bottles in my PL HP. 
Primaluna Dialogue HP Integrated
Maybe "rectified" is the wrong word?  I only know enough to be dangerous sometimes...
7591 is a 19 watt tube with different pin layout from a 30watt 6L6/EL34/7581.