REALLY vintage!

I have a chance to buy a Victrola Starr talking machine, complete with a box of steel needles and one(1) 78 rpm recording. I sadly cant find any reference online anywhere. The unit is in good condition and works. The current owner wants $75 USD for it. Is there anyone out there who can provide background on this? It is a portable unit that comes in a small suitcase(sic).

Thank you,

joe cipale


none of the images match the item. I was hoping for links/wikis/etc. all i have been able to find is generic overarching blurbs.
" It is a portable unit that comes in a small suitcase(sic)."

How do you know? From your response, sounds like you have not seen it.
Hey, for that price, just buy it. It'll be a kick. An object d'art that'll be seen as a sly yet sympathetic rejoinder toward what I'm certain is your world class stereo.