Realy Stupid Question- how do you pronounce Teres?

Is it like 'tears' ? Or 'teh-res' or 'tear-is', 'tee-rees' or ???
The real question now is, when Marco's wife calls him from the listening room

It depends upon the circumstance. Should I happen to be listening to music she doesn't appreciate, and perhaps a bit too loud for her tastes (usually the case anyway), and she's in a particularly bad mood...well, I couldn't print the things she calls me or it would kill this thread! Otherwise, yeah, just "Marco" usually does the trick.

Prounounced: märk-O

I've only do the "Polo" bit if I'm in the bathtub.

No worries. I was just as curious as everyone else. Plus, it was interesting to talk to him. He did enjoy hearing about the interest and how well his products are appreciated in our circles.

Yes. "Tare" like fair and "ez" like Pez.

Mmmmmmm, Pez.