Reasonable preamps with phono stage

Hi, thanks for taking the time to look. I just ordered a musical fidelity A3.2 preamp. I haven't heard it yet, but it probably should sound as goo as a3 which it replaces and it cand be had for >1500$. Am I mistaken but are ther very few preamps for less than 2k new that have a phono stage? MF is a company with a track record that is likely to be in business until the warranty runs out, but few other companies with those characteristics seem to "throw in a phono stage on their preamps. Why is that? Does everyone just want separate phono stages?
An ARC SP9 MKIII is an excellent performer with both line and phono stages. It can be purchased used for about $750.
Between a friend and myself, we've owned 4 difference versions of the Audible Illusions M3 and M3A. I paid from $600.00 for basic M3 up to $1200.00 for M3A/gold card. I bought the cheapest version just for giggles, not expecting it to out perform a SERIOUS preamp ( like one that costs
4 times as much! )I was shocked at how good the basic M3 sounded. I bought the other preamps expecting to be wowed
even further. Except for the phono stage difference of the John Curl gold card, I couldn't hear ANY differnce between
any of the difference I suggest
a basic M3 for minimum investment. Has anyone else found this to be true? Joe Novak
I have a Classe 47.5 with the optional mm/mc phono card installed. New around $2800, used around $1600. Very nice. I demoed or have owned Mcintosh, PSE, Thule, Sonic Frontier, Krell, Bryston, Sim Audio, Plinius and others and preferred the Classe. Classe has a tube like sound from a solid state device.
I'll second the comments already made on the AI M3. I owned one for several years and it's an outstanding preamp and at the cost of a used unit, a ridiculous value. Your going to have to spend thousands more to get appreciably better.

You may be wondering,if it's such a good preamp, why are there always units for sale? This is because AI has sold thousands of them and with that many in circulation there's always going to be a few for sale.

One caveat, if your going to buy the M3 and not the M3a, make sure it's an M3 that can be upgraded to the 3a if that's something you might be interested in doing in the future. Also, a none upgradable M3 should go for a little less. If the owner unsure, a call or email to AI with the unit's serial number will let you know.