Reasonably Priced 6CA7 NOS (or even good used old stock) Tubes Available Anywhere?

As the title says, I am in need of some reasonably priced 6CA7's  tubes for newly purchased monoblock amps. NOS, or even used old stock that tests well would be fine. A big part of the problem is quantity. I need two matched quads of 6CA7's. I've checked all the usual places and pricing is through the roof. I cannot afford to spend  $1000.00 or more to provide tubes for the amps. 

This is alsol really driven by the fact that there is only one currently produced 6CA7 that I can locate, and its mediocre at best. 
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How many hours You listen Your amp on 90-100 % of full output power?I doubt the Your time is no more 2-3 min. per day. And You will pay thousand for this time? For this price You can buy amp with realy audiophill  tubes with better sound, like SE 2A3, PP 6V6, ..../Your tubes are for guitar amps with sharp sound, that You sense like detail?!/. You can also contact with audiophills, that build really cool sounding tube amps.
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