Reasonably priced integrated to power KEF Q65.2?

I just picked up a used pair of KEF Q65.2 speakers, and now I need an integrated amp to drive them. Need to keep it under $1,000, and closer to $500 if at all possible. System will be used primarily for two-channel movies and TV, but may occasionally spin some silver discs, too. Amp must have remote, preferably for input selection as well as volume. Strong preference for new in this case, but might consider used. Thinking NAD, Cambridge, and the like.

Anyone have experience with these KEFs? My impression is that they are fairly easy to drive, but an expert opinion would be helpful. Thanks.
Thanks for your replies.

For new integrateds, I narrowed it down to NAD C326BEE and Cambridge 550A or 650A. If I weren't an audiophile, I'd go buy one of these and live happily ever after. But the audiophile in me wants more. I worry that any of these three choices would struggle with the bass in the three-way KEFs.

Seems like I may have to buy used in order to get more power within my budget (<$1,000). The NAD C372 has lots of power, but seems to have a rep for blowing up and / or damaging speakers. Used pre/pow combos like a Rotel RC/RB-1070 might fit the bill.

One refinement in the requirements: I want inputs selectable by the remote, so I don't have to get up every time I switch from cable to dvd to Roku.
BTW, the KEF Q65.2 are rated at 91dB, so they are easy enough to drive. However, dealer demo (and general audio experience) suggests that bass response would benefit from a more powerful amp.
Check out Emotiva amps....lots of power great quality and low price ..there are a few items on eBay..u just may be able to listen to the audiophile inside you afterall :).....