Reasons not to freak out about tube supplies

I found this fairly persuasive. Of course, freaking out is not really a good plan about anything.



Whine whine whine….comes across as self promotion from a “know it all” while talking down to his  customers or no longer customers.  Better if he just stopped making these criticizing whiney videos. Maybe it’s just me but “Not a Fan”!

FWIW Victor Khomenco sez the problem has been solved and Russian tubes will be available. Posted on Audio Asylum on 3/16.

Appreciate very much the message not to panic from those with much more time/experience with the tube audio scene than this 1st time tube amp owner. A lot of the sentiment that one can always score NOS at the drop of a hat is very little solace to tube gear owners of meager finances who stretched the budget just to get into the hobby though. $200 a quad for GL KT-77s was a once-per-decade extravagance and $100/quad (Mullard EL 34 reissues) was “pushing things but doable”. I don’t think I’m the only one in these circumstances…..Will there be light at the end of this particular tunnel? Unclear at best. 🙁

@tksteingraber He gave reasons as to why panic is not justified. You just attacked his character. I have no personal feelings about Kevin but I don't like ad hominem attacks. They are both logically and ethically pitiable.

If your worried about tube supplies buy extra sets and stop worrying about your next tube failure and enjoy your equipment!