Reasons not to freak out about tube supplies

I found this fairly persuasive. Of course, freaking out is not really a good plan about anything.



Nice!  Thanks for posting!   This applies to a lot of things, especially selling off real estate in CA right after an  earthquake!    Man, you can buy acreage for 5 cents on the dollar.

Made up, on the spot? Or, did you make a killing while there was blood in the streets?

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@newbee FWIW Victor Khomenco sez the problem has been solved and Russian tubes will be available. Posted on Audio Asylum on 3/16.


Fyi, different spelling of last name, with a "k", not c.

  • by Victor Kohomenko (M)

The AA post shares other hurdles, delays, concerns. May not be "solved" yet. And there will be added price for it too. Might just put all of my amps and TS tubes to sleep in their boxes.

I'm still trying to figure out why he went and apparently spent big$$ on that large bottle of hand sanitizer...?? 

It's all really hilarious and self created drama.
I was on his site before I saw this video and as i was browsing around most tubes are shown as out of stock. So I well imagine people looking for tubes actually started calling to see what was available...I mean after all that is what he does...sell tubes.......