Rebuliding a Thorens TD-165

Hi Guys,
I found a Thorens TD-165 at a Thrift store on Monday and it needs a lot of cosmetic attention. If some of you guys could send me pics of a TD-165 tonearm it would help me. I would really be grateful for your help. The turntable does spin. I have replaced the belt and it strobes up perfect. I have Installed new RCA's. The Tone arm is Missing the small weights that slide along the small anti-skate balance as well as the string? The Main Counterweight is present as well as the headshell which is holding a Grado XC+ ? Cartridge(It still plays and tracks pretty good.) .The cueing mechanisim is perfect the Mat is still good. The dust cover is beat to Crap, I know that they are expensive. I had a TD-160 3 Years ago and I parted it out. I may or may not keep this deck. The speed and cueing controls are both in good shape but the surface of this Thorens is really scratched up. Could you give me some experienced direction?
Chris Hilbring
You should be able to make an anti-skating replacement with light monofilament and any small metal weight. I disabled the suspension on a TD160 by tightening the subchassis onto some sorbathane pads, and preferred the sound that way. I never use the dust cover, and removed the associated hardware.
look on ebay you will find alot of stuff for it .I made a plinth out of oak and still use it from time to time the rega 300 arm loves this table