Recapping Krell FPB-Monoblocks - Need Advice

I have a flawless pair of original Krell FPB-350m’s I purchased from the original owner several years ago local to me. I am kind of on the fence as what to do, They definitely need a recap as one of them is heating up now and shuts off after 25-30 minutes. I’m debating recapping with upgrades or selling them as is and trying out Parasound JC-1’s or a Pass Labs X250.8. If I do recap them is there anyone in the western United States that can work on them? Krell is back east and wants $1300 per amp and I would have to pay shipping across the country. That would cost me around 3k. That seems quite high for a recap. Is there a dramatic difference sound wise when having these old amps rebuilt with modern caps?  If I do sell them as is what could I roughly expect to get out of them. I am clueless As to what they are worth? My system consist of Egglestonworks Andra II speakers and a AYRE K-1XE preamp. Any advice would be appreciated.

Will definitely have better caps put in! You really think it’s only a couple hours labor per amp? That would mean Krell is charging me over $500 an hour. Krell also told me it’s a huge improvement when these are recapped. 
That would mean Krell is charging me over $500 an hour
Yep, they know how to charge, they're not shy.
It’s around 2hr per amp, the link says 5hrs for both that’s probably with smoko ect
We charge in Au around $100au per hr that around $75usd
Just take them and the link to a good audio tech and ask for a quote, and you get the caps, it’ll end up cheaper as they always put a mark up on the parts

Cheers George
"You really think it’s only a couple hours labor per amp? That would mean Krell is charging me over $500 an hour. Krell also told me it’s a huge improvement when these are recapped. "

Don't get sidetracked by listening to people who have no direct experience with how Krell or other reputable manufacturers such as Mark Levinson, Bryston, Audio Research, etc., perform service on older amplifiers. They will do much more than just solder in a bunch of capacitors like a tech down the street. I've had friends who have sent in amplifiers to both Krell and Mark Levinson for service and the amplifiers came back like new. In both cases, they didn't even charge for replacing some of the passive components which were deemed marginal during their final test. They are not cheap but you'll get what you pay for, assuming you plan to keep the units a while. Furthermore, having a certificate from the manufacturer is always a major plus if or when you decide to sell them for any reason. 

boisehomes OP

Your changing caps, it's not rocket science, even someone with "basic electronic" skills could do it, don't listen to those who try to make it sound like some kind of "sacred ritual" that only Krell should do, and who would probably give to their apprentices to do anyway.
You have the link on how it's done, just show it to a good local tech that's not going to rip you off on labor costs.

Krell-$500 an hour!!!!! now that's a ripoff! it'll end up being at least 4hrs + parts for both amps, I could see $3k bill from Krell, the amps aren't worth that kind of investment, plus your original purchase price, ho! I and forgot about shipping both ways! add another $K.  

Cheers George

i just read your link again on the recap and I think it’s 5 hours per mono block. Also mine is jus a regular M not the X version. The M is probably easier!