Recapping Mark Levinson 33H monoblocks

Thoughts on if I should spend the money to recap my Mark levinson 33H monoblocks?  What else gets old and prone to failure or affecting the sound quality.  Getting new speakers soon, Wilson Alexia V, and will at some point get new amplifiers.  I know new amplifiers will sound better than the 33H.  Just wondering how much time and electronics inside the amp would have to be replaced.  


Open the cabinets to inspect the caps if they’re bulging or leaking. My guess is if you’re not hearing anything then they’re fine. Definitely be expensive. No doubt there’s probably better today but I bet you’ll spend more than recapping even if you had to. See how your 33H sound on the Wilsons first, but I agree might be time to upgrade with that level of a speaker. Still wouldn’t get into a rush until you get to know your new Wilson’s well. Congratulations on the new Speakers.

@adg101 +1! If the caps look good and sound is noise and distortion-free then continue to use the amp. As far as "better" that is a subjective opinion. SS amps have been transparent to the source for decades. If I had the ML 33H's I'd happily keep using them!

it's variable and unpredictable, sometimes hard to notice slow degradation in sound quality...just don't assume if the caps or other parts go bad, that they will go gently...