Reccomend a good preamp for me.

I have nixed the preamp for a while now with using only a DCS Rossini DAC going direct.  I have that in the back of my room and a 10M pair of balanced cables that run to my various amps I use.  I have been getting back into vinyl again and even a cassette player so I am in need of a preamp that will have at least one balanced input and 2 more RCA inputs.  I have been trying different amps and speakers lately also and think I will land on some kind of lower powered tubes and higher efficiency speakers.  I used to have a few nice preamps years ago and I always remember thinking the preamp was a big piece of the puzzle the heart maybe of the system.  PS Audio BHK looks good maybe or a Pass Preamp?  I'm out of the loop on preamps. 
If the OP is using JC1 power amps, why not consider the JC2 pre-amp?

Balanced in and out and plenty of gain.
ModWright Instruments is definitely staff to think about. If you want to go full truly balanced, the LS 36.5 is the way to go...  LS-100 is single ended but also has XLRs in and outs with bunch of RCAs...  Modwright is made in US... easy upgradable, modification friendly staff...
personally I’m very satisfied with my LS-100...for me it was big upgrade in SQ moving from Parasound preamp.  
Take a look at Parasound JC 2 (now including HT bypass).
Commonly call poweramp input is it not?
Turns an integrated amp into a 2ch poweramp?

Cheers George