Receiver that can drive SF Signums?

I've had a pair of Signums that have been paired with a Yamaha Rx-V1 speaker for years. Obviously, I know they weren't able to drive the speakers.
Due mostly to space/$ and the fact I am also using it as a Home Theater system, I would prefer getting another receiver instead of components.
Even thought receiver isn't ideal for them, what is the best receiver I can get today to drive these?
Also, if I did go components, what again would be the best 5.1+ preamp/amp to drive these? Price range is ~$3,000-$5,000 for both.
My audiophile friend drives Sonus Faber Extrema in his Home Theater system with the Yamaha RX-V1 with great success, so good in fact that i had to purchase a Yamaha RX-V1 for my home theater to power my Sonus Faber Concertos, again a fine match for home theater that delivers what Sonus Faber is all about, Musicality. The Yamaha delivers high current wattage of 110 watts per channel. If however you want or need a 2 channel only system, i would purchase a tube amp for your Signums, a match made in heaven!


Although it's not technically a receiver (since it doesn't have a am/fm tuner), the Linar model 10 might be a good choice for you depending on if it's functionality is adequate for your system.

The Linar Model 10 is a 5.1 channel Integrated amp. It has several 2-channel analog inputs and one 5.1 channel analog input. So, you would need to connect a DVD player with 5.1 channel analog outputs, or connect an HT processor to the 5.1 channel input.

There's one currently for sale on A-goN. No relationship with the seller, just passing along the information.

If you really need a traditional HT receiver, I would recommend the latest top of the line unit from Arcam.