Hi all!

Anyone would know which would be the best choice of these receivers below:

- Denon AVR 5803
- Pioneer Elite VSX-59TXi

I am looking to upgrade my receivers but also looking for a used THX Ultra receiver. My speakeres are THX Ultra and wanted to get a THX Ultra receiver to match the THX sound.

Thanks for any advice!
Manta -

you've got to poke around a bit but this one is as good as any of them:

BTW the whole rating game is one of the reasons that a lot of us are doing separates - get a pre/pro with the features you want, and then get whatever amp floats your boat - anthem has a sweet one that comes up here on the Gon for $750 or so - and there is NuForce, Pass, Krell, Butler and on and on.

There is some additional cost in a set of ICs to connect the two, and an additional power cord but chances are very good that you will end up with superior sound.

I personally think that it will be at least 5 years before the current standards evolve enough that you will even begin to consider changing out the pre/pro.

The big factor is that the movie studios are very slow in releasing material that even takes advantage of the current technology. And a lot of it, like deep color, has not even been implemented. Classic chicken and the egg - the studios are waiting to see consumer demand, consumers are waiting for something they can buy...

Point being that the only reason to upgrade from todays standards will be because the content you want is only available in a new, demonstrably superior format. My bet is they are still selling DVDs in five years...

I am equally sure that you will be buried with a good amp...
Ckorody, not a bad idea regarding going separates. Let me check out some pre/pro and multi amps out there.

Man, do I need to start on a new thread for separates now?? HA HA HA

This website is pretty involving because there are not much people around you who can talk about audio equipment all day long!
Yep - it can get pretty deep here =) You'd think none of us had anything better to do LOL

IMHO If you're looking at separates, put the Integra 9.9 pre/pro at or near the top
It would be nice to see what it looks like. The image is not working and I think the web site took it off or it's not loading correct on the IE7 and Firefox browsers. We'll just have to wait until it comes out for reviews. I am sure it will look very close to the 3350HD.