Hi all!

Anyone would know which would be the best choice of these receivers below:

- Denon AVR 5803
- Pioneer Elite VSX-59TXi

I am looking to upgrade my receivers but also looking for a used THX Ultra receiver. My speakeres are THX Ultra and wanted to get a THX Ultra receiver to match the THX sound.

Thanks for any advice!
It would be nice to see what it looks like. The image is not working and I think the web site took it off or it's not loading correct on the IE7 and Firefox browsers. We'll just have to wait until it comes out for reviews. I am sure it will look very close to the 3350HD.
Never mind, I have a web site that got even more closeup pics:

I think it looks fantastic! Very simple design and modern. I would like to see reviews on this Flagship.
Any of you check out the new flagship receiver from Marantz? The SR8002. It looks like all the flagship receivers are getting more technology, lighter and cost a lot less than a few years ago. The SR8002 is only 33 pounds and only $2000!!!

What's going on out there?! ha ha ha

The Marantz SR8002 is not their NEW flagship receiver. That receiver has been out now for at least two years. We're waiting for Marantz to come out with a new flagship model that matches the rest of the models in the present line-up.

The rest of the present line-up (the 003 series) has rounded edges whereas the SR8002 still has the square and sharp edges.

It would be interesting to see what their new flagship receiver would look like when they finally bring one out.