Hi I'm really confused about which receptacle to use. I want clarity, not thin and not warm. I tried Furutech GTX-D R was not too happy its was burned in for 50 hours. Then i went for wattgate Rhodium did like that too i ran it for 50 hours. then i used PS audio i liked it but I'm still burning it in. I want something that will be really clear and above and beyond. I heard about the R! would that be the solution to my problem. Thanks
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What is the "problem" that you're trying to correct? What equipment are you using other than these special receptacles?
Furutech GTX-D Gold and Avatar Acoustics Afterburner8 outlets both give clarity as well as natural and organic sound that is very musical. I like the Rhodium GTX-D's as well,...
My equipment is arcam 450 with arcm bluray/cd player. I use NHT classic 4 speakers connected with Blue Heaven interconnects and speaker cables. I use Isotek Solus conditioning connected with JPS pac lite power cord. My system is a 5.1 i use it for both music and movies. I just started playing around with receptacle and they do make a difference. Will the R1 be a good choice or sollution. Im looking for clarity and no warmness since the arcam is warm by nature. or any other suggestion. Thanks