recessed center in old turntables platters ... why

why old turntable platters (like garrard for example) has a recessed center for labels and new ones (like VPI) don't?, I supposse that what is good for records in the 60s or 70s should be good now right?. would like to hear your opinions about this matter. Thanks in advance
VPI tables do have recessed platters. I've owned a Scout and a Classic and both platters had recessed centers.
When the vinyl mates with the platter, resonance from the stylus is readily transferred to the platter and away from the stylus. The LP also becomes a solid foundation for the stylus to track.

Using center clamps and periphery clamps augment these principles.
As far as I know, all VPI tables have recessed platters. Which ones don't? There was a thread about a raised Classic platter a few months ago, but it turned out to be a machining error.