Recessed Electrical Receptacles

In the process of constructing a dedicated audio room with AC power supplied by a 60A Torus Power Transformer. We will be running the AC power to hospital grade receptacles in the floor. Looking for a good solution for the mounting box and top cover which is big enough to accommodate two to three Shunyata power cables (typical boxes are too small to allow for you to plug in two cables together). These boxes will be mounted in the floor and recessed. Anyone have a suggestion or two? Thank you


For Eric_Squires; Yes, socket clearance. For Carlsbad2; Floor is the only option. Walls have many issues that I cannot solve (e.g. Iso-max clips separate actual stud wall from advantec board which is covered in rock wool with fabric over). What would be the concern about floor located receptacles?

Also, I have been recommended to Oyaide electrical receptacles. Specifically, the SWO-GX Outlet. Does anyone have experience with this type of outlet?


Is the clearance issue up and down or side to side, or both?  May be worth buying a cheap outlet box and plugs from the HW store to understand the basic clearance issues first.

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Sorry but I’m confused..Are talking the rough in boxes you stuff all the wires & recep into or are we talking the distance between each receptacle plug being too close together???
If it’s the plug spacing of the 2 sockets per receptacle, that is a universal sizing & nobody makes different...You can have your power cord ends replaced with slimmer versions,probably saving $ in the long run because you could use standard size rough in boxes & receptacles...
If it’s the rough in box I see 3 possible options.1:Have a look at Outside,rain proof boxes & see if they could be adapted for your purpose..2:Can you surface mount everything using Wiremold products?Wiremold also makes several different in floor boxes,maybe one would work?Good luck.