reco's on people willing to do audio kit assembly

I'm almost embarrassed by this thread but it's time to bite the bullet... I purchased a phono pre-amp kit from K&KAudio about a year ago with the intent of putting it together. However, a job change and a new family member in the meantime have left me with no time (and reduced inclination) to devote to the effort. So... does anyone have any recommendations for people who do audio kit assembly? (I checked the forums but was unable to find any threads on the subject.)
Try There are people there who have offered to build kits for people.
my gosh! you bought a phono kit from K&K Audio & you didn't ask Kevin himself to put it together for you??? He's the best at doing this esp. for his DIY kits! I had him put together my step-up (which is also available as a kit but, like you, I've got too many domestic responsibilities to have enough time to solder & test). Kevin is very reasonable w.r.t. labour rates & hiswork is very, very clean. Just in case you do not know, he used be employed at VAC at one time & used to be one of their chief designers. In fact, the previous version of the VAC Renaissance preamplifier is Kevin's design! Do yourself a favour & send the kit back to him & have it assemble it for you. You know his website since you bought his kit & you can get his # from there. If you forgot then here it is:
FWIW. I hope that this helps.