Recomend Some Albums Recorded with True Imaging.

I am looking for some recommendations of some albums recorded for true imaging.  By that I mean a group of people playing acoustic instruments recorded old school with just two microphones.    Not songs mixed from multiple tracks and balanced to give the impression they are playing in the center.    I have recently been relistening to the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's "Will the Circle be Unbroken".   This is a raw recording where they found the best bluegrass and early county artists,  sat them down in a studio,   took one take,  and (probably) recording them with just 2 microphones for stereo.  No mixing and minimal processing.  What they played in the room is exactly what you hear.   The results for imaging is all I can say is wow.   Even with a half decent system you can close your eyes and tell where ever instrument is playing from and where they are standing.   And it is the first time I finally understood the phrase " the speakers disappear".

While my main preference is 70's progressive rock I don't think I will find it there.    But Jazz,  Bluegrass, Blues or Classical would be good.  Any suggestions.
Finn Brothers - Finn was recorded binaurally.  Stunning recording. (This is Tim Finn from Split Enz and Neil Finn from Split Enz, Crowded House)

Check out the Direct 2 Disc recordings from Quality Record Pressings (  Mostly blues recordings, but the acoustic recordings are just what you are looking for.  Doug MacCleod's releases are unbelievable.  Hearing that foot stomping on a wood stage is wonderful.  His Reference label LPs are also of that same quality.

Also, go back and listen to the Muddy Waters' Folk Singer Quality Record Pressings LP with Buddy Guy on Acoustic and Willie Dixon on stand up bass.  Amazingly quiet and Muddy's voice is bone chillingly good.  
Prior to his passing, Don Grolnick was one of the most prolific musicians around.  While his records are Jazz recordings, the man literally played on 1000's of NYC studio gigs for decades!  Easily recommended would be Don Grolnick - The Complete Blue Note Recordings.  Loaded with all-stars, its a modern-day Jazz classic (if records were still being judged that way!).  Really wonderful music that's impeccably recorded.  The perfect icing on this particular cake would be Grolnick's final recording; Medianoche (Midnight,) a Latin-tinged Jazz outing featuring his bro; Michael Brecker.  

If yr a Jazz fan and don't have these, it'll be the best money you've spent in some time!;)
Friday Night in San Francisco Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucía just awesome