Recommend A More Dynamic Monitor Than Harbeth C7

I'm in the process of altering my system to make it more dynamic sounding. I've been playing quite a bit of guitar lately and that does really change ones perspective on listening. Changed my amps to Herron M1As, 150 wpc solid state, and my cartridge to a Lyra Delos from an EMT. I'm thinking maybe the speakers are next.

I love my Harbeth C7es3s but they do sit along the mid range of things and although they reproduce that band fantastically, I'm looking for more snap in a stand mount that can be listened to in the near-field.

Any suggestions? Budget is $3000. Happy to buy used.
According to this review, the Harbeth C7c3's should be on 19-inch stands (not, e.g., 24-inch) for their tonal balance and dynamics to "pop." Also, you'll hear different ranges of dynamics depending on everything else--amplification, position, cabling, etc. The review made a point of how dynamic the speaker is until you overdrive it and the dynamics suddenly flatten out.

Worth a read; you might derive a deployment checklist from it.

Another thought: how big is your listening space?
Love the C-7s--owned a pair for many years and set up a friend with a pair he continues to enjoy today. When I decided to upgrade it was for the same reasons you reference--I wanted more speed and dynamics but was determined to get something that preserved the tonal authenticity and overall musicality of the Harbeth's. I ended up going with Daedalus Audio. Two speakers which might do the trick for you: The "Muse" is his new monitor which I heard at CAF last year--spellbinding. You also may be able to find a used pair of DaRMA's if you are patient. Either would be a significant upgrade to your C-7s. Best of luck!
what about Merlin speakers; they may fit the bill even though you have solid state power.
The only Harbeth which preserves some level of tonal accuracy is the P3ES. All the other bigger Harbeths add their own special flavour to it (some kind of dark thickness).

Merlin is nice but you need to go to their TSM floorstander.
J.M. Reynards Silver Bliss speakers are overpriced at $2800 and adding their stands (required for optimal sound) only adds insult to injury. Audition the Wharfdale Jade 3 monitors which are $1500, and save yourself a boat load of money.