Recommend a SS amp for my new Vandersteen Quatro CT

I will be taking delivery of my new speakers in a few weeks and am curious about amp/preamp combinations that might work well.  My first auditions will be with the two power amps that I own.  I have an older ARC 100.2 that has been in storage for the past 4 years and a Bryston 4bsst2 that I am currently using with my SP Tech Mini monitors.  I have every reason to believe that either of my current amps will match up ok but wondering about better matches that would compliment the Quatro to a greater extent.
Yes, Johnny is most definitley going to set it up for me especially since the speakers will be in odd layout.  No choice, it was a compromise with the wife :).  This is a big step for me, she hated the way the 3s looked. We settled on Harbeth C7 speakers (tiger ebony...beautiful sounded great) initially but I think the Vandy sound is for me.  
Consider selling the ARC equipment on A'gon. Two suggestions: One: I'd get a Sanders Sound Systems Preamp and Magtech Power amp. One can't beat either one. The former has a wonderful Universal 450 Remote Control that comes pre-programmed for the preamp. You can then program it for the rest of your systems yourself. It has balance input and outputs and an adaptable phono stage. The Magtechs will drive anything. Oh, Roger Sanders warranties his equipment for life and he has a succession plan in place. I know he honors the warranties from personal experience. There are dealers where you can see the equipment before you buy. Second: If you like tube amps I'd try to find a dealer with the Bob Carver Corporation Raven/Crimson 350 Mono Blocks. They too will drive anything I've come across and have some interesting feedback options to tailor the sound. The Carver tubes are warranted for 10 years; ARC warranties theirs for 90 days. The Carver is aprox. 1/3 the price of a comparable ARC stereo amp. I'd combine the Carvers with the Sanders preamp. In either case you may have money left over, I reckon. Why pay more?

I think gdnrbob gave you excellent advice in several of his posts.  I think you are wise to have sent the ARC 100.2 back for a checkup (definitely a benefit of owning ARC gear) and agree with his suggestion that you test it and the Bryson amp with your much envied Quattro CT speakers.  I have a certain bias in that I have the 100.2 amp paired with a Reference 3 preamp. I have been very happy with my choice of electronics, which I purchased on Audiogon about 3.5 years ago from a Soundstage reviewer. I am a fan of the ARC sound and service, but am perturbed by their evolutionary versus revolutionary approach to product release.  And it seems to be perpetuated by reviewers who hail them as a " significant" advance, and further our affliction with upgraditis. While your LS-15 may LOOK "a bit long in the tooth", it may yet yield the end result we all hope for ... great sound resulting in long listening sessions. 
As an aside, I bought my ARC gear after buying a new pair of Focal 1007 Be speakers with a screaming deal through Music Direct.  I am now entertaining changing them to Vandersteen Treo CT or Quattro CT speakers. If I go forward with this choice, and I am not satisfied with the SPLs and dynamics of the 100.2, then I would likely look to an Ayre amplifier, or the Rogue M-180 mono blocks, based in part on what I've learned through this excellent forum. I am VERY interested in learning your review of the Quattro's with your current amps. 
Happy listening!!!