Recommend a tech for Sun Audio?

Longshot here, but does anyone know of a tech who knows Sun amps, specifically the VT-25, in the U.S?

(I had a good local tech but he retired recently after his second stroke.)
The Sun amps and particularly their single ended types are VERY simple designs with most if not all, point to point wiring construction and minimal parts count.... Which largely attributes to their lovely sound quality when mated to speakers adhering to similar design philosophy.
Their schematics are also readily found on the Internet and as such any tech with even a basic familiarity of electronic/tube circuitry should have no difficulty resolving any issues, or returning them to original configuration (as they are often modified).
Now I might be wrong but is Sun a second line from Air Tight? Not sure why but I feel like I remember that somehow. If that's the case then Tom Tutay in Fl would be the guy as he is the US Air Tight service tech. However as Coolhand says any competent tech should know their way around a simple point to point amp like that. Good luck.