Recommend cartridge for JVC QL-Y66F

I was lucky enough to find this gem in Craigslist over a year ago, in mint condition. The TT has an AT 142L cartridge which is not bad but I would like to get something better. I tried an Ortofon 2M Blue and even though it is a good cartridge I sold it as I thought it was a tiny bit hard. Any recommendations up to $400? That's way more than I paid for the TT, but again, it is in great shape.
If you could find a JVC X1 or X2 that would make a perfect all JVC vintage set.

Shure 97 xe and AT 150 are fine carts with the AT being way more detailed and extended top to bottom. Shure lacks in some detail but it is a highly musical cart and considering the price its a real bargain. A JICO SAS will provide more detail.

Nagaoka's are excellent and several fit your budget, Goldring 1012gx is also a great all round performer.
Thanks guys. This is an update, I just lost a Dyna XX-2 that was on sale here in AgoN. I know this one is way more expensive than what I stated at the beginning but it was at a really good price. Someone outbid me. Argh. I keep looking.
I pulled the trigger on a new AT 150 MLX. Read lots of good things about it. Let's see how it works in my table. I'll post my results and comparisons to the two previous cartridges I've used so far. Thanks again to all who responded.
You'll love the AT150MLX. It's a fantastic cartridge. I own a couple of them. Give it at least 40-50 hours to break-in.
I've seen your posts on a few occasions before and see how much you like it. I also googled it and read some good comments from other users. I hope it works well with my system.