Recommend cartridge for JVC QL-Y66F

I was lucky enough to find this gem in Craigslist over a year ago, in mint condition. The TT has an AT 142L cartridge which is not bad but I would like to get something better. I tried an Ortofon 2M Blue and even though it is a good cartridge I sold it as I thought it was a tiny bit hard. Any recommendations up to $400? That's way more than I paid for the TT, but again, it is in great shape.
You'll love the AT150MLX. It's a fantastic cartridge. I own a couple of them. Give it at least 40-50 hours to break-in.
I've seen your posts on a few occasions before and see how much you like it. I also googled it and read some good comments from other users. I hope it works well with my system.
I have an Ortofon Tango MC cartridge with the S shaped arm on mine, recommended by the Needle Doctor. If you can still find one for sale, you won't be disappointed