recommend entry-level high-efficiency loudspeakers


I'm interested in building a shortlist of entry-level high efficiency loudspeakers suitable for use w/ lower powered tube amps, including single-ended triode setups. It's been a while since I actively researched audio gear and have never looked into high-efficiency designs in any detail.

I will define entry-level as absolutely no more than $1000 USD new but preferably speakers that are in the ~$500 USD used range.

Thanks for your thoughts.
There are many products from Klipsch that meet your HE and economic criteria: Heresy, Forte, Cornwell. Easily available and easy to resell.
Have been using Klipsch La Scala's for the past 18 months, and they are amazing with SET amps. With 104dB efficiency, they'll play on minimal power. You can pick up a pair for around $1000. So you can easily find something within your price range. We have a $5K CDP and $6K amps we've been using with them. They are that good, in my opinion. So good, in fact, that we moved up to the Klipschorn.

Another excellent option is to contact bcrites (Bob is his first name) via eBay or the Klipsch forum. For under $1K, you can have his speaker called the CornScala, which includes the entire package: mids/highs of the La Scala, with bass down to 30Hz. He builds a custom crossover for it. A friend is running these with a system that runs over $15K. His maple veneer option is only $150-200 above the price of MDF. Lots of great options out there.
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I really like the Omegas, especially the Grande 6. If you can do some assembling, Madisound's BK-16 kit is pretty good, their recomended kit w/ super tweeter is about $600., I ordered just the cabinets(precut, just assemble and finish) and a pr of FE166Es for under $400. I also have Cain & Cain Abbeys $1500. new., same driver. Common Sense Audio has an assortment of single driver, high eff models using Fostex, Lowther, and their own new Audio Nirvana drivers, havn't heard them, but they look nicely built, available assembled or kit. All the above spkrs models use Fostex 6" drivers (166 or 167), some people prefer the 8"(206,207), i like the balance of the 6. One thing to remember about the Fostex drivers is the looooong break in time, after 100 hrs they are listenable, but really need 1000+ hrs to smooth out!, i think a lot of people are turned off by the Fostexs because they really havn't heard them at their full potential. The imaging and coherency of single driver systems is addicting and it's hard to go back once you hear them properly set up and run in, no they are not perfect. I use mine with a sub and they still have that slight midrange peakyness, but i'm convinced i can tune that out with minor tweeks/adjustments. IMO they do so much right, i can't think of anything else in your price range that compares with SETs or Tripath chip amps. Here's another idea, buy a Sonic Impact T amp for $30. and spend a lot more on the speakers to start out with, then try some of the great SET amps out there as your budget permits. Just one mans opinion. Good luck, have fun and enjoy. Alan
Depending on your listening taste and room size. Another vote for the Fostex based speakers! Omegas are a great option also the Brines Acoustics FB-16 could be a contender. The FT-1600 MkII is also a option if you want something closer to fullrange. When this guy states frequency response he's not fudging on the specs.You may also find out what is considered entry-level prices.Do in some cases give you more than entry-level sound.

Practical pairings of high efficiency speakers and low power SET amps to me does not include speakers in the low 90dB range. You need around 100 dB to really work with low power SET amps. That said, the options are very wide indeed, and in my opinion, the only way to achieve a satisfying home experience at a practical price point.