Recommend good satellite speakers?

Because of my living situation (efficiancy apartment, paper thin walls, lack of funds, etc.), I have been looking at some satellite speaker options. I really only need a pair for the time being. Something that will image well, and WON'T give me too much bass thump (the person living below me has already reported me for 8 noise violations in one month). Just something that will allow me to hear some nice detail on a wide variety of music, and will be able to handle other sources (PlayStation 2, digital cable, VCR, DVD, etc.) at least reasonably well. Now, I'm as anti-Bose as the next intelligent person, but I was wondering if there's something good along those same lines. Thanks in advance for your help.
Paradigm Atoms.
Praised more than any other small speaker.
Backs are pre-drilled to be mounted with Premier brackets specially made for these speakers (I live in apartment too, so stands would be out of the question due to lack of floor space). Any authorized Paradigm dealer should sell them alongside the Atoms.
In addition to most of the speakers listed above, I would suggest you take a listen to the following:

a/d/s L310
NHT Super Two's
PSB Alpha Minis

They are all satellites that are intended to be used with a sub-woofer, but will give you nice detail in the highs and mids. I don't think any of them go under 60Hz, which should solve your bass problem.
Thanks so much for your help, everyone. I really appreciate all the options (and knowledge) I've gained from reading your responses to this thread.

Anyone have any thoughts on Spica TC-50/Kenergetic sub combination? Kids are moving back in,Quad ESL's have to go.What to do?
Assuming you want small speakers for a relatively small room, e.g. LS3/5a size, consider the Harbeth HL-P3ES/Monitor 20. The BBC is currently replacing a number of their LS3/5a's with the Monitor 20, which is just the "pro" version of the P3ES - that has got to be some kind of endorsement. They are the same height and width as the LS3/5a but an inch or so deeper. They sound pretty similar to the LS3/5as, but bass seems a bit deeper and tighter, the midrange is a bit less colored, and they are shielded so you can use them next to a computer monitor or TV without screwing up the color. There are actually three versions, the original HL-P3, which got a very favorable review in Stereophile about 10 years ago (felt to be better than the LS3/5a, and a review in Hi Fi News concurred), the P3ES, and the P3ES2. Knowing Harbeth, I would imagine that the sound pretty similar. You can occasionally find a used pair on sale for the same price or less than the LS3/5a. I've got both the LS3/5a (Harbeth version which won the recent shooout in Hi Fi News) and the HL-P3ES, which cost me less, and while I like both, I prefer the P3s.