recommend PRAT Integrated amplifiers (not Naim)

what are some modern integrated amps in the 5-10k range that offer a heavy dose of PRAT

not seeking anything Naim

for some frame of reference, was recently recommended Rega Aethos and Hegel H590...neither had the PRAT of my NAD C298 power amp (which is not an ntegrated and had some harshness to it)

please and thanks

Is the Yamaha A-S3200 or Bryston B135 known for PRAT?  Simaudio maybe?






PRAT is a real thing. It’s just a subjective real thing. If you care about it and it helps then fine. If not fine as well. It’s the old different strokes story. Whether one cares or not will likely lead one down radically different paths. FBOFW. Part of the fun is to just try things because you want to, not necessarily because there is any robust science applied in the decision making process. It’s a hobby and hobbies are fun. To each their own.

I’ll reiterate my Deja Vu Audio recommendation. They should be called house of PRAT because that is what makes them unique as a result of their strong retro focus and very good at getting toes tapping in a traditional manner effectively at various price points.  I’ve heard their wares and I am a fan.


My recommendation is to try and learn from people who take their science and engineering seriously.  Ridiculing science and engineering is a pretty pointless exercise in a hobby that would not even exist without science and technology. 

Of course, but when the starting premise is denial over what people hear- that’s pseudo science.

I think any of the GaN equipped integrateds (not many) or amplifiers from Atma-Sphere, AGD, GATO (integrated also) Gold Note will fit this bill. Some of the NAD integrated may but I am suspect of their build quality.  @secretguy Audio is subjective and these are the facts on this day the 21st of February 2024.  

I don’t think generally there is denial of what people hear. Just ignore those individuals if so but don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.  More that everyone hears and thinks differently and personal opinions alone may have value but are not a substitute for hard data. Nor is hard data alone enough for everyone to make a well informed decision. That’s the reality of it.