recommend PRAT Integrated amplifiers (not Naim)

what are some modern integrated amps in the 5-10k range that offer a heavy dose of PRAT

not seeking anything Naim

for some frame of reference, was recently recommended Rega Aethos and Hegel H590...neither had the PRAT of my NAD C298 power amp (which is not an ntegrated and had some harshness to it)

please and thanks

Is the Yamaha A-S3200 or Bryston B135 known for PRAT?  Simaudio maybe?






“PRAT” simply has too many variables to narrow it down to this or that integrated, or amp. Also, I completely disagree that the top end Simaudio gear lacks “PRAT” I’m talking about the 600iv2, 700iv2 and the new North collection. All are absolutely wonderful sounding amps. BUT, it depends on what you put into them as sources as well as cables, speakers and power. It’s the synergy of the whole that gets you there, not simply one piece of gear or cables.


​​​​​​I'm mystified by your assertion about Hegel.

My H390 has PRaT in spades. It's one of its most evident attributes.





for whatever reason, whenever i hear the term PRaT i think of british integrateds like rega, creek or musical fidelity, which are generally not the most powerful or best-spec'd, but have that certain jump factor...

Yes, +1, +1, +1 for Ayre. Anybody who is considering a Hegel H590 or H600 must at least give a listen to the Ayre EX-8 V2.