Recommend speakers for a large living room

Hi, I am moving to a new apartment with a large living room (38" x 23", plus a dining area & kitchen). I am planning to have 2 different sitting areas given the size. Here is a picture of the floor-plan:

Everything is wood floors except on the blue squares where I plan to put carpet. I’ve been thinking of using omni-directional speakers (German Physiks Borderland) given the area is large and there are multiple listening locations. But I’d like to get some recommendations & also some ideas of where it would be best to place the speakers - so far my idea is to put them on the red circles.

My budget for speakers is ~$50,000.

Mcreyn wrote:

"If you were to use the AudioKinesis Swarm system, it uses a single amplifer for each subwoofer. My only concern with using the Audiokinesis would be if it would have enough output capability given the size of your room."

Thank you sir.

And thank you too millercarbon.

Given the size of dpal’s total space and its irregular shape, I would expect the bass to be quite good in there without needing four subs distributed asymmetrically around the room. A distributed multisub system makes a small room behave much more like a large room in the bass region, and dpal already has a large room!

So I don’t think a Swarm-like system would offer as much improvement over two bass sources as would be the case in considerably smaller rooms. When I have done custom systems for similar-sized rooms where aesthetics was a priority, I have just done two large subs.

Imo the sheer size of the dpal’s space calls for a LOT of air-moving capability in order to do low bass at high SPL, so I’d recommend two big subs over my four small ones.

(The Swarm was reviewed by Robert E. Greene of The Absolute Sound in April 2015, and the review is online, in case anyone is interested. It subsequently received several awards from the magazine over several years, most recently this summer, so apparently the concept has a good shelf life.)

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SoundLabs have been suggest a couple of times. Yes they would work very well; it MIGHT even make sense to go with two 90-degree panels per side arrayed to give coverage over 180 degrees, assuming that listening area off to one side is a high priority. But I’d have to do some math to see if that would really make sense.

Disclaimer: I’m a SoundLab dealer.

With MBLs or SoundLabs, I’d suggest diffusion of some sort on the wall behind the speakers so that the early reflections are smeared rather than being strong and distinct ("specular"). I would try to avoid using absorption there because absorption kills shorter wavelengths (high frequencies) more effectively than longer ones, and can thereby degrade the spectral balance of the reverberant field, and in such a large room the reverberant field will dominate the perceived tonal balance throughout most of the room. Both MBLs and SoundLabs do a very good job of creating a spectrally correct reverberant field.

+1 on all those who ask for other electronics, music you typically listen to, and would add the questions:

what sonic profile do you lean towards?  Value accuracy? Or warmth? Sonic truth? Or musicality.. yeah they are all subjective terms but the folks on here are a wealth of information if given the right variables... 

what systems have you heard that truly made you excited, or at least interested in hifi? 
Sounds like you have the budget for a truly amazing system. What a great adventure you have in front you!


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Audiokenesis response above is why it is worth speaking with a designer that does this for a living.  I completely missed that because of the size of your room, room modes are not much of an issue.  With the size room you have, you are really getting into commercial sound reinforcement issues where the experience of someone with that background would be very helpful.