Recommend speakers for Hegel H190

What speakers under $5000 would you recommend for Hegel H190?

Used in a room that is 6x8 meters, high ceiling. Currently have B&W 683 S2 and like them but would like to improve.

Thanks for the advise.
KEF Reference 1

@ jjss49 I am doing is the other way around this time. Gear first (which I recently got) and speakers last. This new system will be better than anything I built before.
Nearly every speaker will work with the Hegel as they will drive nearly anything that doesn’t dip below 2 ohms. With such a large array of choices you really should focus on your listening priorities and not what "goes well with Hegel". The world is your oyster.
The H190 is great and any decent speaker that doesn’t need 400 wpc should sound better by association. Hegel doesn’t spend all your money on shiny faceplates they deliver the sound as good as any,
I think the Focal 936 or Dyn Excite X44 (discontinued but still available at 3500.00 usd) would be solid choices.