Recommend Well-Recorded Hard Bop Jazz on CD?

Can you recommend some well recorded Hard Bop Jazz CD's? (Remasters) I have some of the JVC 20bit K2's, as many as I could find. Many have been sold out for years. Have some JVC k2 Cd's of Sonny Rollins, Art Blakey, Coltrane, Miles, Bill Evans etc. Not many out there left to be had. The Columbia jazz recordings (Miles etc) are for the most part excellent recordings. Example: "Miles Davis Qunitet. 1965-68-- if you listen to CD's and don't have this box set, you are missing out on an excellently recorded cd set of great music. Another: the "Miles Davis and John Coltrane, The Complete Columbia Recordings" is another set of excellent music and excellent recordings. Individually too, many of the Columbia CD recordings on jazz are very nice. For sound quality, the Blue Note jazz and RVG Remasters series is hit and miss (mostly miss imo). The music itself is awesome, but many of the recordings are tilted up in the highs and lacking overall sonic weight and bass,(the recordings sound thin), but I own quite a few of these recordings because the artists were too great and their contributions to the Hard Bop genre and Jazz in general are too significant to pass up.

Any suggestions of other well recorded, good sounding, Hard Bop Jazz on CD? (that are still available) Thanks.
Blue Note has released a new series of remasters that are supposed to be amazing. I'd do a search. Last I knew, there were only 4 available so far; but more due soon.
Hank Mobley "No Room For Squares" is a CD that I purchased as an LP when it was almost new. It features Lee Morgan, Andrew Hill, Philly Joe Jones, and John Ore. This CD is "Hard Bop" all the way.
I guess a good way to start your journey wold be to buy some very thick book of jazz,and than when you got the time browse threw recomended albums in some good cd store.
Personally,its something that gives me great pleasure,specially when I travel,to search and discover shops and editions in them.But,just to name few most popular or ones that you will probaably like at first listening:on guitar,Kenny Burell,Grant Green,on sax,Coleman Hawkins,Ben Webster,Ike Quebec,Stan Getz,Paul Desmond,on trumpet,Dizzy Gillespie,Clark Terry,Miles Davis,Chet Baker,Blue Mitchell,F.Hubbard,on piano,Oscar Peterson,Duke Ellington,Count Basie,Art Tatum,on organ J.Smith,L.Smith,Ruben Wilson,on vocal Johnny Hartman,Lou Rawls,Ella Fitzgerald,Sarah Vaughn...etc.The list is long,or the book is thick,and hope that quality of music will come before of the qulity of recording.
Thanks Alex, but I was looking for recommendations on well recorded Hard Bop. I'm already aware of most of the artists you list, but finding well recorded cd's of these artists is often difficult. Poor recordings seem plentiful.
Have you considered going vinyl? There are original releases available. The Original Jazz Collections (OJC) re-issues are available and often better than the CDs. The new remasters can be very good. Unfortunately, as you know, the original CDs of this era jazz were often done pretty poorly.