Recommend Well-Recorded Hard Bop Jazz on CD?

Can you recommend some well recorded Hard Bop Jazz CD's? (Remasters) I have some of the JVC 20bit K2's, as many as I could find. Many have been sold out for years. Have some JVC k2 Cd's of Sonny Rollins, Art Blakey, Coltrane, Miles, Bill Evans etc. Not many out there left to be had. The Columbia jazz recordings (Miles etc) are for the most part excellent recordings. Example: "Miles Davis Qunitet. 1965-68-- if you listen to CD's and don't have this box set, you are missing out on an excellently recorded cd set of great music. Another: the "Miles Davis and John Coltrane, The Complete Columbia Recordings" is another set of excellent music and excellent recordings. Individually too, many of the Columbia CD recordings on jazz are very nice. For sound quality, the Blue Note jazz and RVG Remasters series is hit and miss (mostly miss imo). The music itself is awesome, but many of the recordings are tilted up in the highs and lacking overall sonic weight and bass,(the recordings sound thin), but I own quite a few of these recordings because the artists were too great and their contributions to the Hard Bop genre and Jazz in general are too significant to pass up.

Any suggestions of other well recorded, good sounding, Hard Bop Jazz on CD? (that are still available) Thanks.
Orpheus10, it is the same; and I wholeheartedly agree with your HOF statement. Foster_9 didn't mention it in OP, so I thought I'd throw it in. To me, the CD has a very analog quality.
Strateahed, after going through my collection, I discovered I have 4 incarnations of "The Messengers". All of them are so fantastic I could not choose a favorite; however, I did discover some favorite musicians, beside Art Blakey of course.
Horace Silver on piano; Donald Byrd on trumpet; in the first group. Lee Morgan on trumpet; Bobby Timmons on piano; on the CD "A Night In Tunisia". On the LP "Moanin", Benny Golson who is an outstanding writer and tenor sax man appears.
This music took me back to the time when I was out on the town catching the sets.
Enjoy the music.

Foster 9,You should check the ANALOGUE PRODUCTIONS,they have just remastered and published some clasic blue note editions on hybrid sacd.Men behind that project are Steve Hofman and Kevin Gray and with Alan Yoshida from xrcd,probably ones of the best experts.The cost is around 30USD per cd,check their site.Did not want to look smart in my last post,hope this will help you more.
Hi Orpheus10, the one I have is: "The Jazz Messengers at the Cafe Bohemia" Volume 1. Also have "Moanin" but not the Jazz Messenger recordings mentioned with Donald Byrd and Lee Morgan. I know they must be great and will eventually purchase those. $30 per CD for Analogue Productions! I'll wait until I get my next and best CD source to purchase those discs! Hopefully within the next couple weeks! Thanks to you all!
Orpheus10, I thought of one I have not mentioned, and wonder if you own it. "Paris Blues" by Horace Silver. Excellent recording, great playing by the group and one of the masters, a timeless piece.