Recommend your best sounding LP's

I am receiving a new TT today and am looking to add to my collection of great albums.  I have been sorting an extensive collection from my father (mostly 60's).  I am open to all kinds of music as long as the recording is amazing.  I know of the usual suspects (Pink Floyd, Dire Straights, Cowboy Junkies).  What I am looking for is recommendations on some more obscure music I may not be familiar with yet.  I am really enjoying Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra for example.  Wasn't really my thing until recently.  I guess that is another benefit of a high-quality system.  Please recommend an artist and specific album down to the pressing information if you can.  Thanks in advance!!!!
Probably a bit left field but in my humble opinion maybe these.

Eve ... Alan Parsons Project.

White City , A Novel ..... Pete Townsend

Some great records here, I do enjoy these Best Of threads on the Music topic.

 Another vote for John Martyn, "Solid Air", the best ever Folk Rock album IMHO. A great artist lost to drink, why are there so many?

 I know it's not popular, but why no classical or opera, the latter is my particular vice. Two great, very accessible, lyrical operas

  Puccini's La Boheme conducted on Beecham on HMV. When Mimi (Vottoria De Los Angeles) enters to ask for a match in Act 1, you'd think an angel had entered the room.

 Verdi's Otello on EMI, conducted by Maazel, with Domingo. Listen for the offstage canon at the beginning, a good test for bass and soundstaging.