Recommendation for amp

I recently purchased a Harbeth P3 ESR SE for my desktop.  Now I am looking for a good integrated amp with a small footprint within a $1-2K budget. All my listening will be digital sourced.   Any recommendations?
The Bel Canto C5i has ample power and also a good onboard DAC that sounds like you could also use.  Best of luck 
Willsenton R8 driving Harbeths should sound amazing.  May not meet the footprint requirements, and may not play to ear bleed levels, but should be a treat to listen to.

Coincident Technology Dynamo 34 SE MK III.Superb performance,dead quiet and small foot print.
Nam. Uniti atom small does it all amp dac streamer and sounds great on harbeths

Also has airplay and android connectivity

Dave and troy
Audio intellect nj
Naim dealers
You said ’a’, did you mean ’a pair’?

sensitivity 83, that is very low, how big is the space?

I’m driving wharfedale 225s, sensitivity 87 with 10 wpc tube amp, and a 12" sub to keep it from sounding small. yours will want more power for sure.

any space restraints?

this pair of amps being sold here would probably be great if you have the space for one, or both of them

best if preamp has pre-out (to sub for it’s amp to handle the bass) and main in (back from sub without low bass), gives both the amp and small speakers a break, they both do a better job easily.